Friday, December 21, 2012

a moment in time

The Return of the Light
It is time

Thursday, December 20, 2012

it's like learning to find your keys

So.  Here we are.  On the cusp of the beginning of the world.  And the Age of Happiness.

                                                                  Summer Solstice

6:12 am, eastern standard time is the northern hemisphere winter solstice.  At exactly the same time in whatever time zone all over the world... it will be solstice at exactly the same time on the entire planet.

Just like every other now and now and now...  But, this one is this one.  The one we've been waiting for, all together.  Here. Now. We are ready. for the beginning of the world. 

How can I say we are on the cusp of the Age of Happiness?
Because I believe it.

We have begun to feel the experience of other dimensions where we connect..  I think of you, after 5 years, and you call me.  We see it is 11:11.   I send you the word walrus...and, by some miracle, you get it.  So, there is some peace in that.  Happiness even. 

And we are beginning to get it about choice.  About choosing our thoughts.  And feelings.  and visions.

I have been saying for  a long time now.. that I live in a peaceful world.  People of course look at me like I'm crazy.  or misinformed.  or Pollyanna.  or unaware.  Am I outraged sometimes? of course. saddened, disappointed, confused sometimes? of course.  I mean  really  of course.  I'm the worst.

But, at the end of the day.  I am the only one who lives in my world.  The only one.  We all share the planet.  But, I alone live in my world.  So.  It is completely my choice to make it a peaceful one.   I have no conflict with the planet...or anything on it, in it or around it.   When I choose it.  And when I do, I know it. 

Do I feel outrage and incomprehensible sadness for the families in Newtown?  Incomprehensible.  I  am a feeler by nature... so, I have felt it.  As much as is possible from here in new york city.  I have 3 daughters.  And I feel it. 

Am I concerned we will make a difference with the collective outrage and information that many of us now have... about gun acquisition in this country?  Not really.  It will change.  it has to.   In ways we haven't even conceived yet.  Because there is so much power in our thought. and desire and conviction.  So much.  Once we are aware, we can't be unaware again.

And, not to sound TOO Pollyanna..  but, there is great magic in our ability to be in the place of having a happy thought... no matter what.  Eventually. to find that place.

We can.  We Will.  We Must.
We do.

It's like learning to find your keys.  They are where you finally find out is the place  they will always be, once we decide to find them.

I will sign off on this last day of the world that needs to end.. hallelujah... with just this little thought.  As we think about the solstice, we may think  naturally about the equator. 

The diameter of the earth... at the equator... if we were to fly directly through the middle to the other only 8000 miles.  Less than 8000, actually.. 7 thousand, something.

That's like flying from Seattle to New York, back to Seattle and then to Chicago.

That could be done in one day.  Many of us have.

So.  When we think about how small that really is.  How much rich LIFE is here around us.    how  much  mystery and beauty... yes, especially beauty.  And how we are all here together, at this same moment, now and now and now.   Maybe that can bring some peace to our troubled hearts.

How there is always the otherwhere... where we are greatly loved.  whatever that mystery may be.

 Maybe world peace isn't that far off.  If each of us claims to be the kings and queens of our own peaceful kingdoms       one kingdom at a time.

It's like being the queen of heaven..  a little.

They've all said it.
It's time.

Jingle bells,

 the Sun's path on the Winter Solstice

the shape of a water crystal with a happy thought.
note to self;
we are 98% water.

ask  for south american roses.
They open up like this and are amazingly fragrant,
because they are real.
These are from the Bodega on the corner of 1st Ave and E 13th street
$10.00 for two dozen.
that is truly a happy thought.

birthing star or galaxy.
good to know.

All this beauty and wonder is what we have...
we are not
the have nots.

 Original watercolor presents for sale!
Sometimes we need to be reminded to not stay within the lines,
Sometimes we just need some pink,
sometimes to give someone, like yourself, for example,
a gift of the present.
And, here it is.
images approximately 2-3.5 inches
Thick, 8-ply, beveled, cotton archival mat,  8x8 inches
Perfect for a space where you need a little splash of color.
that's almost anywhere.

Happy New Age,


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

to infinity and beyond !

Happy 12/12/12

                                                                     I love this guy.

To Infinity and Beyond,



Sunday, December 9, 2012

in the night sky

In the night sky..
oops.. Church of Happy Thoughts tried to post a , today. to a very fabulous NASA picture of the night sky...    I see the link showed up... but, I don't think it can be opened..  hhhhmmmm.  Will see if I can figure it out..     This is just part of the whole earth, you can imagine how cool it is... the whole world ...floating there in the night sky.


"this is not philosophy, this is physics." Einstein

The Church of Happy Thoughts just published a nasa photo of earth just for fun....If you click on the photo again, it gets huge...and, really much more fun.   The planet earth.  What a happy thought.


The ancient Egyptian myth of Isis, the goddess of love, life, healing and, oddly, the underworld, came to mind a couple weeks ago and I drew this little picture.  Turns out, she and her husband/brother Osiris ruled the underworld together, after she magically, of course, healed small thing as their OTHER brother, Set, married to their OTHER sister, Nephthys, not only murdered him, after tricking him into getting into a chest to see if he could fit (first major mistake.. you NEVER get into a chest to see if you can fit.), he (Set) knew that Isis would find him (Osiris) and bring him back to life, SO, he tried to make that really difficult by cutting him up into pieces and casting them all over the earth.  But, like I said, Isis managed to gather him together and restore him to life.
I'm not exactly sure how they became king and queen of the underworld.
Doesn't matter.
I don't even remember WHY Set wanted Osiris dead, some kind of sibling rivalry no doubt.

Doesn't matter.
The point is, Isis was a little like Peter at the Gate.  A soul arrived with heart in hand, evidently, and the heart was placed on a very sensitive and accurate scale.  The scale spanned an abyss in which there lived a heart-eating monster. 

On one side of the scale was placed the heart, on the other tray of the balance was a single feather.

Well, you can imagine what happens if the heart is NOT lighter than the feather.  Down it goes to the heart-eating monster below.  And, I guess it's pretty much over for that soul.  Since they are already in the underworld, I'm not sure what happens next.

Doesn't matter.
IF the heart is LIGHTER than the feather, the soul is ushered into paradise.

So, what's my point.
The last few days I've been having a bit of a hard time seeing the things around me and having it matter that much.
I mean, I LIKE them,
Like THIS place I stopped into for THIS amazing breakfast... I mean amazing... for under $10..
there's a happy thought
Steak and egg Pita, from Taboonette, 13th street between 5th and University,

they do take out

and the breathing definitely helps, but, for Life this moment, and all the wild possibilities,

It is important that my soul is ushered into paradise this moment. Now.
That's what's important.
To know, for sure, without a shadow of a doubt that this is true:

he said so:

I'm not making this up.

So. A light heart.  This moment.  Whatever that means to me this moment. As usual, it is letting go the thoughts that weigh me down.  They are only thoughts, after all. 

And finding something, in this moment, that I feel, or see, hear, taste or touch; remember, draw, or know that I have, that makes me happy.
All the rest will fall into place.


ps:  you will be happy to know that after Nephthys found out what Set did to Osiris, she never spoke to him again.


thank you