Monday, October 29, 2012

Really, the moon is always full

At this moment... the moon is always full.  Brought to you by the Church of Happy Thoughts.

New York, monday, 10/29/2012, 3:49 pm (EDT)
Tokyo, tuesday, 10/30/2012, 4:49 am (JST)
Moscow, monday, 10/29/2012, 11:49 pm (MSK)
London, monday, 10/29/2012, 7:49 pm (GMT)

A Lunar day is a month (28 days) long.
And is always full.

And is always now.
Just like here.

Seems like a pretty happy thought to me.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happiness First

The Moment
Brought to You by the Church of Happy Thoughts
a reminder.

So.  This morning, it was raining, and I was thinking about how wet I'm going to get by the time I walk 5 avenues and 3 blocks.  It might have been nice to remember an umbrella.  I'm on 13th street, between 5th and University when I start to breathe.  In 1,2,3, out, 4,5,6,7 and I look across the street to this great little ivy covered building.  I've probably walked by it dozens of times, not noticing how much I like it.  It's the Croque Monsieur, one of a million little restaurants in New York, inviting and simple, a chalkboard on the sidewalk with a few ideas for breakfast.  Belgian waffles.  That's a happy thought.  However, I'm on my way to the 14th Street Bagel Cafe, open 24 hours, (in case it's 2:00 a.m. and you're in new york, and feel like a bagel.)   One thing I've learned since I've started writing this blog is that I eat a lot of bagels.  Good thing I ususally walk there.

Actually.  To tell you the truth.  The rest of the day wasn't all that happy.  Unril much later, almost midnight, when I realized that all was well.

Since it may be true that

 form follows thought,

I'll just leave it at that.  But, I did, several times today, start to breathe in, 1,2,3 and out, 4,5,6,7
breathe in and out again,
And remember that right this moment,
I have everything I need.

The top picture reminds me that everything is swirling, true, but in its own beautiful and perfect way.
And the Croque Monsieur reminds me that there are Belgian waffles across the street,
in a sweet, old building,
somewhere in the middle of the block.

A simple possibility.

I'm not saying that there are not  those days that a thought of a Belgian waffle, in a quaint restaurant, can POSSIBLY touch the pain that we feel.

But the above photo doesn't seem like a possibility either, and it is.

So, maybe the possibility there is something you like, in your experience, right this moment, no matter how impossible it seems,  might just help.

At the very least, it couldn't hurt.



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A minute, the moment, and happiness

A Minute, the Moment and Happiness

How to Have a Happy Thought
a review

(First,  if you read October 17th Church of Happy Thoughts and you went to the link for the video and it just looked like an article about eastern bluebirds... that's because it IS an article about eastern bluebirds..BUT, when you scroll down a ways you get to this fabulous video of bluebirds hatching.)

The Moment.  Getting into the moment is key to happy thinking.  There are numerous happy thoughts ALL DAY long that just drop in... things you see, things you think about or remember, hear, etc.  But, recently I read that 80% of our thoughts are not that happy.  For the benefit of our well being and that of all life, it is good to find the way to the place and possibility of happy thoughts. Now and now and now.

There may be some confusion about time, as it has been measured and manufactured to serve our need for order, and our interest in "living in the moment".     There are volumes written on the beginnings of recorded time.. from the simple sundials to the conception of the nanosecond... one billionth of a second. 

A minute, we all know, is 60 seconds.  That unit of time that can be measured any number of ways, like saying "one one thousand", that supposedly takes a second to say. Say it 60 times and you've got yourself a minute.  Or, look at a clock.  Same thing.


How LONG is a moment?  Well, that's a good question.  And the pure beauty of it.  It is right now, and it is infinite. 

A minute, a second, a nanosecond, basically, all have a beginning and an end.  That's the idea of the efficiency of time that the world agrees to.   So, for our purposes here, it is finite.  Everybody agrees, the airline, the pilots, the passengers that a flight is to leave at 8:10.  If you get there at 8:15... you missed it. Those are the rules.

So, you may ask, what's my point?

How can I be happier in this moment than I can in this minute?

Well, when you decide to "get into the moment", you can get into a place that is essentially "out of time"...but, at the same time, completely aligned with time.  Right now. and Right Now just keeps happening over and over and over...and it doesn't matter how many seconds or minutes you are in the moment. It can be all day, or just long enough to breathe in and out, 1,2,3...4,5,6,7.  (You wouldn't want to try to meet a friend for lunch by saying "let's meet in the moment."  You could, of course, meet in the moment AFTER you've decided to meet at noon.)  

So, you may ask, why do it?  Get into the moment?

For happiness.

When you deliberately decide to pay attention to your breathing and instantly notice the sights and smells and sounds around you.  When you find something in your experience, that you already have, that you already like, in your immediate surroundings, or the sun, moon and stars, or thinking about at this moment what your child might be doing in kindergarten or how that mountain goat on a sheer cliff  manages to make its way,  you can find yourself out of time, in a space of infinite possibilities. And when you you are there, here, now, you are lifted for the moment out of the past and the future and into the freedom of right this moment, having everything you need, for as long as you want. 

An amazing thing can happen.  You may find happy thoughts dropping in one after the other.  You may find yourself thinking thoughts you never knew you had, philosophical thoughts about why actually IS the sky blue?  And, even better, someone, somewhere may be having the exact same thought in this moment.  We may learn that there is tremendous life altering power and magic in people all over the globe deliberately having the same happy thought at the same time.

Couldn't hurt.  Might just help. 

If we change the way we think, we can change the way things are.


What a happy thought.

Oh, I almost forgot...  the Angel Bagel, was something I might have missed, painted on an outside brick wall at Tompkins Square Bagels, (Ave A, between 10th and 11th) if I hadn't decided to be happy this morning.   Fabulous.



Friday, October 19, 2012

Right Now in Tokyo, it is RIGHT NOW


Free Happy Thought brought to you by the Church of Happy Thoughts.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time to talk about the Moment

The Church of Happy Thoughts
Established 1995
Member since forever
the one truly unorganized church

Time, This Minute, and the Moment

It might be time to talk about the moment.

This morning, I was standing at the corner of 2nd Avenue and East 10th Street, nyc.  Again, the sky is a stunning blue. 

I notice this steeple against the sky, right across the street.  The weathervane on the top is pointing directly west, right down 10th street, and I wonder if it's actually working. Probably not.   But, nonetheless, it is a beautiful piece of art... simple and beautiful.  Form and function.

There are two clocks, also simply beautiful... I suspect there are two more as well.  But, the clock facing me said 6:22.   Something about that struck me so funny.  It was probably 9:10, but at that church it is alwasy 6:22.  Then, as I turned down 10th heading east, I could see the other clock more clearly.  It said 6:11.  I again thought it was funny that at least they had stopped within the same hour. 

The next thing that was interesting about these two clocks, to me, was that 11 and 22 are master numbers.  While it would be fun to explore that, here, it could take a day or two, so maybe another time. 

The rest of the way home, I was thinking about time.  How I'd thought it was the "wrong" time, because anybody walking by would certainly KNOW it's about 9:10 am, here in New York. 

A number of thoughts dropped in my mine about timekeeping.  Pocket watches, bell towers,  on and on..  What time it might be in Japan right now.. When did it turn Thursday there.. and isn't that wild to think about leaving somewhere in the evening of one day and arrive there on the evening of the same day...after traveling 12 hours..or however that works. 

But, then I said, to myself, wait a minute Julie, you know this...  even though it may be 12 hours later or earlier according to the efficient time zones we have devised to keep us "on time"... and organized, and also somehow separated from each other.. 

It is still just THIS MOMENT EVERYWHERE.   Right this moment, whether in Japan, Iceland or New York, even though it's morning, noon or night,

It is still THIS MOMENT. 

This moment.  not this "minute"...that's something else...that's the thing that determines whether you are going to miss your flight..  

This moment is the place where we all live together.

Funny.  When I think about that... I feel a certain kind of peace.  

And that is a happy thought.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Video of a Bluebird hatching

The Church of Happy Thoughts
the one truly unorganized church
A happy thought about bluebirds.
Late in the 1970's, bluebird numbers had declined significantly.  The Cornell University ornithology lab was part of a yearly backyard bird count in the Southern U.S., when, in 2005, there were numerous bluebird sightings, that have continued to grow.  The return of the bluebirds was largely attributed to a movement of volunteers establishing and maintaining bluebird trails, just for the love of bluebirds.
What does this have to do with Happy Thinking?
Well, it's a happy thought that they returned, that's obvious.  
But, perhaps more importantly, the bluebirds did what they were supposed to do as bluebirds.  Find a place to nest, and make baby bluebirds. 
When you breathe in, 1,2,3  and out, 4,5,6,7, and you find yourself in this moment... feeling the wind on your face, hearing something you weren't hearing but moments before, finding something in your immediate world that you like, and letting your mind go THERE.  HERE.  NOW.    If you happen to be near a tree, or a bush, or a blooming flower, it might be fun, well happy, to know, remember,  that everything is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing.  The trees are quietly growing, changing  with the seasons, birds and bugs are doing exactly what they do, if they are there, here, they have everything they need this moment.  Just like you.
Making my way from 6th avenue and 11th street to the east village this morning, I was walking along breathing in 1,2,3 and out 4,5,6,7 pause.   In, out.  The sky was amazingly blue.  I was determined to NOT think about what I'm doing with my life, and only getting to the place of knowing I have everything I need at this moment, the next moments will take care of themselves.   It will all be very clear. 
I was standing on the corner of 5th avenue and 13th street, when I noticed how particularly beautifully blue the sky is this morning.  I looked down 5th ave. The sun is shining,  on the buildings on the west side of the street, and, looking at the intense blue sky over 5th avenue, right at that moment, a balloon floated over the tops of the buildings and across 5th avenue.  If I hadn't been intentionally looking at the sky at that moment, I would have missed it.  For one thing, the balloon was almost exactly sky blue.  It only took a few seconds for the balloon to float over 5th avenue and disappear behind the buildings.    Now,  seeing a balloon isn't necessarily an extraordinary happy thought...but,  aaahhhhh....THIS  is:   At the moment I needed it most, I was reminded that my timing is impeccable.  I am always at the right place at the right time.  I have nothing to worry about...thinking about the future often causes suffering.  Thinking about the past often causes suffering.  (woulda coulda shoulda).   But, if you are open in this moment to the possibility that all is well... you might see a balloon float by... if you're in some other moment, you might just miss it. 
Oh, also, I had wanted to mention that if there is no immediate something in your surroundings that can send you into a happy thought,  not the sky or the thought of infinity from the top of your head, you might have to create it.  You might have to GO somewhere that you are pretty sure will offer something to praise. 
Like Murray's Bagels, for example.
That's one of the places I go.  Today, I fell in love twice there.  People who know me will know that is exactly what I mean.  One was the guy behind me in line ordering a scooped out whole wheat bagel filled with tuna, at 8:30 am, and the other was seeing a world war II veteran, wearing his army corps cap, running into a long lost friend.  I fell in love with them both.  So, I guess, technically, that's 3.
Talk about a happy thought.
It's almost as good as a baby bluebird finding its way into the world.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Have a Happy Thought

The Church of Happy Thoughts
the one truly unorganized church

How to Have a Happy Thought

We asked the captain what course of action he proposed to take toward a beast so large, terrifying, and unpredictable. He hesitated to answer, then said judiciously:  "I think I shall praise it."  Hass

Day 6.

Happiness first.
Get yourself into this moment.
Literally.  Notice something in your immediate experience that you like.
(even if you have to go to the sun, moon and stars, see above)
Breathe.  Wherever you are. Whatever you're doing.  Whatever you are thinking about.
1,2,3 in
1,2,3 in

And say to yourself, whether you believe it or not

"Right this moment, I have everything I need."

If you are in an emergency happy thought situation,
like I was yesterday,
have available to you some default happy thoughts.
some of mine are:
just for suggestions,
it doesn't HAVE to be a lot of money or a car or house at the beach..
although it CAN be..
I suggest something that you can envision in your experience right now.
That is, in my opinion,
one of the differences between a happy thought and a visualization.

forget me nots (those little periwinkle colored flowers)
sometimes just the color's sort of blue and purple mixed.. is enough
my one year old grandaughter's toes in the river
picturing the seed pods in the middle of some wild flowers on a long walk I was taking up a beautiful road in upstate new york 2 weekends ago

just to remind me about life.

Which then sometimes reminds me about how bugs make love which is a truly
unending source of happy thinking.

The sky full of snowflakes.

BUT, the point IS, whatever can make YOU happy right this moment.
That is, evidently,
the new Dharma.
or A new Dharma,
YOUR way, your practice, your happiness, your praise
is THE way.
That's pretty exciting.  I think, a happy thought all by itself.
If you decide your way to enlightenment is walking around the block or eating almond butter  or drinking tea, coffee, (anything but the koolaid..that's the point.. not to follow anyone elses way..
only for suggestions, of course.)

If you are in an emergency situation, and you need a happy thought RIGHT NOW,
and you know it,
sometimes you have to actually TELL Yourself, out loud,
"Happy thought.  Right now.  Get it. Have it. Be it."

I've had that situation only too many times.
Like yesterday.
But, this is definitely NOT about yesterday.
I did think about the seed pods.
Because, well, I needed to think, immediately, about possibilities.
That my life is not over, just because my career seems to be.


And here is the truth.
Happiness first.
Today.  All is somehow better.
I have a friend who manages to make me laugh no matter what. I would write what she said here,
but, it may not be politically to speak..
one of those things that you had to be there.
but, it made me laugh.
out loud.
as they say.
Then, today, I got a message from another high thinking friend, with whom I'd lost touch for over a year, and we will talk later today,
all will be even better.
I know it.

Get happy first.
just the tiniest bit happier.
and see what happens.

If you CAN, think that whatever it is that comes your way and immediately robs you of your peace and happiness,
 might be your own soul
leading you somewhere you actually want to go,
but maybe forgot, or are not aware of,

if you CAN,

Praise it.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Form follows Thought

The Church of Happy Thoughts
the one truly unorganzied church

Form follows thought.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Get Happy and be Free

The Church of Happy Thoughts
Established 1995
member since forever
The one truly unorganized church

Day 4:  How to have a happy thought.  This is what we know.  We can, no matter what, get happy
and be free.
Something, in your experience, in this moment, somewhere can/will/does make you happy.  Just the thought.



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Like Something and Breathe

The Church of Happy Thoughts
the one truly unorganized church

How to Have a Happy Thought

From yesterday, here is where we are.
In this moment we have everything we need.

we have noticed something around us we like.
This morning, I like this ivy plant in the sun on the fire escape,
just outside the window where I am sitting.
and a white candle on the windowsill.

We are not thinking about our trip to the grand canyon tomorrow,
a happy thought indeed,
we are noticing something around us right this moment that we like.
the wind on our face,

Even if we have to resort to something like
the sky, the stars, somewhere in the vast universe. 
But something you hear, feel, taste, touch, see.
right this moment.

We've started to breathe intentionally
though not necessarily ritually.
Just naturally, 1,2,3, in
4,5,6,7 out,  pause.
1,2,3, in
4,5,6,7 out.
how ever you do it.
it's all good.
start with deep breaths if you want.
wherever you are this moment.

This may sound, at the very least, elementary.
But, I have found that  people sometimes make things hard.
Let's say, actually, I sometimes make things hard.
that aren't, really.

So.  Then.  The most important thought right now:
At this moment, I have everything I need.

Here we are.
in this moment.  really IN it.  How if feels, tastes, sounds, looks.
and what we like about it.
(there may be things we HATE about it,  but, that's
emergency happy thinking, we will get to that.)

Then, this is where a Happy Thought isn't necessarily visual thinking, or imagining,
although it CAN be...those can be very happy thoughts.
The car you want. how it would feel to drive it.
the life you want, how it  would feel to live it.
the person you may want to experience life with, how it would feel to dance with them.
all good.
All visual thinking is probably a happy thought.
not all happy thoughts are visual thinking.

A Happy Thought
according to the Church of Happy Thoughts
is envisioning the life you have
right now.
that's actually a huge difference.

When you get done envisioning the life you WANT, and KNOW you can have it because
it is also here and now.
But that gets into another sort of gray realm
for some of us
about not ACTUALLY having that car or life or person
at this moment.
and, well,
that's sort of when you need a happy thought.

So, once you are breathing, happily walking down the street,
or wherever you are
being thankful for whatever you are experiencing,
whatever that is,
that's the perfect time to think about something in your life
that you actually HAVE or Do.

Recently,  I had a rather huge disappointment.  Of course it involved money.
Money I knew I'd earned, and had been happy about it
and believed I would get and envisioned the trip I was going to take with it,
all good.
Then, something happened completely out of my control that made it not happen.

I was mad, disappointed. confused. somewhat victimized,
I HATE that,
but mostly really really really disappointed.

It actually was rather an emergency happy thinking situation.
I want to share it HERE because it is somewhat important at this point.

I have a grand-daughter.  She is perfect in every way.
she lives in Bozeman Montana.
I live in New York City.

A few days before this disappointing money thing happened,
my daughter was telling me about taking her to a little river that they pass
every day on the way to the park.
It's sort of amazing. there are all these little rivers everywhere in Bozeman.

She was not quite one year old.

They stop at this favorite place by a favorite river and put their feet in the water.
The water is clear.
The stones are flat and friendly.
and they just sit there with their feet on the stones and the river running by.

When I think about those almost one year old feet, those darling toes, in the river,
on the flat and friendly stones,
sitting on the lap of my very own baby girl,
it is an amazingly happy thought.

Now, I bring this up because, technically, they aren't HERE, with me in New York
right now.
But, they are right this moment in my thoughts, sitting with their toes in the river.
They are something I HAVE at this moment.
It is possible to actually BE with them,

as soon as tomorrow. 
But, knowing that, I can be with them completely today.  Right now.
The toes in the river.

I cannot tell you how many times in those several days, dealing with the disappointment,
I went to those toes in the river.
Together with,
"in this moment. I have everything I need."
And, I am loving that ivy plant and the wind rustling it.
the wind I can feel through this open window.
 I have coffee.
a candle.  Actually it's the little flame I really love.
I have some organic almond butter and a piece of toast.

I can breathe.


Friday, October 12, 2012

The Moment: overused, underunderstood cliche

The Church of Happy Thoughts
the one truly unorganized church

How to Have a Happy Thought
Number One:
get into the moment.
I know I know, overused, underunderstood cliche.
"get into the moment".
But, true peace may be there,
it's worth a shot.

First of all, let me say this... there are billions of ways and infinite happy thoughts that are possible and in fact happening at this very moment.  They just drop in unexpectedly when we see, touch, hear, smell, taste something, someone, somewhere that makes us happy. 

That is good. 

And then, there are those times when other kinds of thoughts,
not so happy ones,
(we all know what those are),
that are often based in fear of the future
disappointment (to say the least)
in the past.

Those just drop in, too.  And, I used to think I had to have them. They were mine. 
I started to be aware of this years ago, when I needed to forgive someone.
I just couldn't do it.
Someone told me to right it out 70 time 70 times,
my act of forgiveness.
no go.
I tried dissecting the word into it's ancient origins to get a glimpse of what
it actually MEANS.
but, no go.
I became aware, acutely of this problem because I was suffering.
The lack of forgiveness was making ME suffer.
It wasn't doing anything to him.
He was fine.
Happy even.
And cared not one twit whether I forgave him or not.
Didn't even ask for it.  forgiveness.
I think that's what really made me burn.

So, I said this has GOT to stop. It is only hurting ME, as those "how could you" thoughts just dropped in and spiraled me down from one to the next to the next to the next.

So. One day. Driving down a familiar road home.  It came to me.  If you forgive someone a debt,
let's say they owe you $100, 
And, one day, you say to them,
"Frank, Sue, whoever, You don't owe me that $100 anymore.  I've decided to forgive the debt."
for whatever reason.  The slate is clean.  In fact, in that situation, there no longer is a slate.

So, I started thinking about that.  Frank or Sue doesn't owe me anything anymore.
My decision.
I started picturing in my mind these little scissors cutting the ribbons that were attaching me to expectations from this person.
With each clip and ribbon falling away, I said you don't owe me anything.
Not loyalty.  Not honesty.  Not gratitude. Not anything.
And, within moments,
I was free.
After that, everytime an unhappy thought dropped in about that particular situation,
as soon as I realized I was swirling down,
I just started to think about those little ribbons, and the scissors
dropping them away one by one and "you don't owe me anything anymore."
I will not expect it. or wish for it. or even WANT it.  and
"I don't owe you anything anymore."
I am free.

So. I digress.  We are talking about Happy Thoughts, here, and how to have them.

But, I think it sometimes begins with the notion that you CAN
no matter what.
Find a way.
or Make a way.
In those moments when the not so happy ones are taking away your peace.

Get into the moment.
one way:
(and, by the way, you don't have to be sitting in lotus position or anywhere special to do this.  Walking down the street, anywhere.)

But, as usual, it involves breathing.
For one thing, if you decide to take a moment to think about breathing, you really can't be thinking about anything else, in that moment.
so, that's a start.
Breathe in.  1,2, 3
Breathe out.  4,5,6,7  pause,
Breathe in.  1,2,3
Breathe out.  4,5,6,7

I'm told if you do this 17 times, you find yourself in a place where you can possibly allow
all kinds of happiness to come in.
However, if you do that, it might not be best to be on the street.
You might forget to look both ways.

If you just start with THIS,
The rest just falls into place.

Find ONE thing around you.. there may be many, there may be only one, but find ONE thing around you that you like.  This moment.
The wind on your face.
a baby in a stroller walking by.
a bird's call.  Listen. Often when you least expect it,
you can hear a bird calling.
The smell of ginger tea, coffee,  Anything. it does not matter.
If there is NOTHING in your immediate surroundings that you like...not your hands, your hair, nothing,  and there are those times,
THEN, the default surroundings are things like
the sky, the sun, the stars that are shining somewhere, the stars that are birthing, the clouds.

One thing I like to think is that when I am standing outside, in  city or in a field,  from the top of my head, there is nothing between me and infinity.
  I am standing on this planet, somehow miraculously attached to it by whatever gravity really is, but, except for the occasional plane or satellite that might pass overhead,
it's just me and everywhere.  Here. Now.  This moment.

That may not be a happy thought to everyone, but, it gets me into a place where I am not confined by this planet, the people, ideas, or anything around me.  Just me and the wild possibilities.

I digress.

Then. This is important.
Say to yourself:
Right this moment, I have everything I need.

The next time you breathe out,
you may notice a feeling of release, or relaxation, call it peace, in that area just below your ribs.
Often called the center of your being.

You may not actually believe it, that you have everything you need. 

But, in this moment,
if you are breathing,
you do.

What a happy thought.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's time. How to have a happy thought

How to have a Happy Thought

I became the ordained minister of the church of happy thoughts in 1995.
It is the one truly unorganized church.

All these years, Ive wondered what form this might take.  I've thought about organizing global times when happy thinkers could engage in listening to their favorite song, at the same time, and then spending one exact minute thinking about something that makes you really happy.

I thought, this might help, but at the very least it wouldn't hurt.
It may have been Gandhi who said,
"Try to help the people.  But, if you can't help them, try, at the very least,
not to hurt them."

But, like I said, I am not very organized.

I have noticed lately a lot of happy thinking going on online.  Everyone wants to share their happy thoughts.  I personally love this, because, it is saving our worlds.

Many years ago, I said to a friend, (I remember I was not particularly HAPPY at the time, BUT, I did think/know that I was a person who COULD be happy), that those of us who COULD be happy, MUST be happy. Now. That it might do more to help a hopeless family somewhere, anywhere, if the consciousness is just raised a tiny bit.  One small flicker is sometimes all it takes.

So, in the last several years I've studied, happy thinking. 
I've tried various forms of happy thinking.
At times when finding a happy thought was nearly out of the question.
And I knew I was just conjuring it out of the blue.
I guess that's the point.

I learned I could.
Find a way to a happy thought.
Even when I needed it the most.

I've learned what it is
and what it isn't.
At least, here at the church of happy thoughts.
Where we worship happiness, and the
possibility of happiness as the way to peace.
It is a new Dharma,
Your way is THE way.

It is all about the moment.
I know.
That overused and often misunderstood word.
But all the sages have said it.
It is everything.

Let's start there.
The moment.
This one, right now,
the only one anyone on the entire planet has.
Nobody has tomorrow yet.
Nobody has the next two minutes, yet.

So, that, right there is, actually, a pretty happy thought.

Tomorrow, when we all get there together, at the same time,
whenever you read this, about about your way
in the moment
to have a happy thought,

We will travel together into the possibility
of true happy thinking.

this will be so much fun.