Friday, December 5, 2014

no matter how long you live

The One Truly Unorganized Church
The Church of Happy Thoughts
That is all.
Happy Birthday to Me
and to

Monday, August 25, 2014

need a miracle today?

The One Truly Unorganized Church
The Church of Happy Thoughts
Here it is
You can make one.
Not exactly what you were expecting?
Miracles never are.
Miracle wand.

Really.  Seriously.  I gotta say... this bubble is pretty amazing.

to procrastinating,






Saturday, August 9, 2014

the sky is falling


The One Truly Unorganized Church

The Church of Happy Thoughts


I have heard too many times that tomorrow never comes.   I think tomorrow definitely comes.. she just changes and becomes today... but it's just a matter of semantics.  Let's not get rid of the idea of tomorrow, it may be our only connection collectively in this "modern" world with the cosmos.  Everybody believes in tomorrow and thinks about it, plans for it, (some do), trusts it, ignores it and it still happens. 
That doesn't diminish the truth about the present moment at all, it just acknowledges that the world is bigger than us... than the planet earth.  Even we are subject as a whole entity to something we have yet to change:   Morning. 

Hallelujah for that.
So this morning,


I thanked a friend for calling me yesterday when I texted her to say the sky is falling.  please call me.  I had begun telling her there appeared to be a monumental disappointment happening in my daughter's family...and it was breaking my heart.   She called and said, "Wait a minute.  Is YOUR sky falling or is THEIRS?"  Well, mine because I feel so helpless.  I hate that. 
"Is this your fault, your doing or your responsibility?" 
 Well, no.
"ok.  go on."
So, this morning, I thanked her for reminding me that MY sky wasn't falling.  And, actually, turns out, theirs wasn't either.
And then I was reminded that my sky has fallen many many times, and will again, perhaps. 
But new sky always grows in its place.  Every Time.
Another good reason to have tomorrow.


Welcome back to church,