Thursday, May 12, 2016

timing, a gardenia tree and cherry red lipstick

The Church of Happy Thoughts

 the one truly unorganized church 

When I saw it at the nursery, the 3 buds must have JUST blossomed.  They were BRIGHT white and so fragrant, I was immediately drawn to it and 

fell madly in love.

Two days later, those 3 flowers were still fragrant, not as much, and still white, but not as brilliant...a tiny bit, you know,  brownish.   

As I kneeled there loving it, I noticed a brand new brand new bud about to open.  The new leaves around it a fresh intoxicatingly new green, that unmistakable new life green.  I know I'm pretty easy to please, but, this was so exciting in it's little way.  The other blooms had their moment, we had our moment, the moment that attracted us to each other, and she ended up on my sunny and partly shaded deck.  The perfect spot for her.  And for me.

Had I seen that little tree TODAY, I might not have been so clear about having her in my life.

But, looking closer, today, at the unseen, the possibility, the probability of that little gardenia bursting out any day reminded me to remember about change, the moment, and paying attention to my simplest attractions.

They remind me who I am.

Also, this morning, I was trying to think what I could wear this afternoon to see an old friend, we've not seen each other for several years.   I thought maybe I would go get a new shirt. No.  Then I thought what I want is a cherry red lip gloss.. not too heavy, just a hint.  One that doesn't turn pink.

I hate when that happens.  

I've been thinking lately what makes a happy woman.  On the top of her wants list to manifest, should be cherry red lipstick, or whatever color makes her happy.  She knows what that is.  

It doesn't matter how earthy or natural you are, lipstick makes a difference.

What a happy thought.