Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Good News from the Church of Happy Thoughts..
The watercolor blotter paper towel that I taped to the window frame  to dry and
right this moment
is something that I like.
So, it is good news to ME that anyone can now leave a comment here and I can comment back and that's something that is really great about blogging!   Yesterday I went to the help question forum and learned two things:  If you are pretty sure, absolutely sure, that one solution is not the right one for you, find an easier/better one.  David, bless his heart, the help guy posted this impossible thing.. because there were a number of us asking the same question.  He said.. just go to the template drop down, click on edit html, and where it says THIS.."blah blah blah". and, I am not kidding..  it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for me to do that.. ..  one wrong comma or space or it's an exclamation point and not an "i"..  and it would be all wrong. He didn't "SAY" just paste this in.. at least I didn't think that was what he was saying. Anyway, I am not kidding.  "just change your html."  "WHAT!" it's like saying just do a little brain surgery..   So, I go to the just change your html hard can this be really?   Immediately there is the bold warning in a little box:  "to edit your html may unpredictably affect the way some features work and is only recommended for advanced users." 
It felt like a disclaimer for a drug that I would never take:   "may cause blindness, sterility, and/or suicide."
So, I was about to think I've got to find another blog spot, this is clearly not where I belong..  THEN, I read a comment posted in the "forum" that if you reduce the number of blogs to the main page, you can activate the comment form on the regular "settings" options.  SO.  YAY.   I tried that.  And. lo and behold...
below the post, scroll down a bit...and, there it is:  It may say "no comments", it may say some comments, but, just click anything that says "comments".
Thank you D. and L. for making sure I tried again and again to figure this out.  And, D, bless you,  for asking me, again and again, "did you hit SAVE?"  She gives me grace that I'm  sagittarius and that last little detail step is usually the one I miss..
So, now you can

if you want to, which would be great.

Just as simple as if you

like this great text I got from a friend recently:

"unexpected farmer's market happy thought"

Don't we all really know that Awareness is nine tenths of the law or something like that?

At this moment, as inconceivable as it may seem, there is something in our experience that can all of a sudden become so obvious.  How did we miss it before?
Is it earth shattering?  not really.
Does it save the world?  possibly.
But, the important thing, is that it opens the window to possibilities we may not have been available for, because we are someplace we don't belong.
The past... why did THIS happen?
the future... what if this DOESNT happen?
We belong here.  Now.
There is something
Somewhere right now in our experience, a sight, a feeling, a belief, an idea, that allows us to step into this moment and the possibility of happiness and peace.
Usually it brings me to this thought:
"at this moment, I have everything I need."
Even if I don't really believe it.
if I'm breathing
and able to appreciate something, anything,
I do.

1,2,3 in
4,5,6,7 out


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